The Philadelphia Men & Boys of Color Collaborative

communityschools.jpgThe Philadelphia Men & Boys of Color Collaborative (PMBOCC) is a citywide initiative that will provide workshops and training to community leaders that are men of color in the city of Philadelphia.  The goal of PMBOCC is to promote self-care, mental health, healthy behavior, responsible community engagement, and self-empowerment.

Training efforts are targeted towards men in leadership positions within the city, and specific workshops will cover implicit bias training, cultural competency, and other subjects to be determined.  The ultimate goal of the of the initiative is to serve as a city-wide Rites of Passage engagement/ empowerment opportunity for men and boys of color.

Monthly City Convening

Born out of the need for solidarity while working in challenging and complex governmental structures, the forum was created to provide a meeting space for Black & Brown men who work in City government.  Specifically, the forums will be used to highlight and address broad race/ equity challenges, social/ individual empowerment strategies, and promote collaborative solidarity among this demographic.  Considering the times, supporting one another in and around the City is imperative.  Please share with the appropriate people in your division.


The forums are designed to:

  • Provide a safe space for Black & Brown men to support, network, and organize in local government.
  • Acknowledge the groups unique experience in government and provide feedback
  • Network with City leaders
  • Gain multiple strategies and support around working in City government
  • Promote self/ group care
  • Explore Training options